Friday, 22 July 2016

Updates on Long Term Social Visit Pass - July 2016

There is a Facebook page dedicated to foreign spouses in Malaysia which has a lot of useful information –

Today they have posted an update on their page regarding application processes and dates, as follows:

1) Renewal for LTVSP is being done only 3 days in advance in Klang Valley. This could be changed and could vary at the state immigration departments, we advise you to go three weeks earlier and collect the forms, checklists and check on the process and submission dates from the counter officials, they know best.

2) The verification by the Commissioner of Oaths should be done in the court premises and not elsewhere as previously.

3) There are forms for Endorsement to work for New Employer and Renewal of Employer - so if your contract is for one year, you get the endorsement to work only for one year.

4) Time Frame for Endorsement to work - New Employer 7 working days.

Their Facebook page is also a good place to raise any questions you may have over the process

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