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Guide to Renewal of Long Term Social Visit Pass in Malaysia (Spouse Visa)

Step by step guide to renewing Long Term Social Visit Pass in Malaysia 
(otherwise known as a Spouse Visa or Spouse Pass)

*** The information in this post may have been superceded. See my latest blog entries for most recent updates on renewal of LTSVP/Spouse Pass***

You can renew your LTSVP for up to 5 years, depending on your passport expiry date. Some have reported that if you were only granted a 6 month initial pass that you will only be given a 1 year pass upon first renewal. I decided to write this guide to help other people seeking information on the process!

I renewed my pass a little over one month before the expiry of my current pass. The unexpired month was added to my new pass.

One person has reported that immigration would only deal with their renewal within the last 2 weeks of their initial pass - that person had a 6 month initial pass, so whether that has a bearing on it (as opposed to my 1 year initial pass) I do not know. To be on the safe side (and to avoid a wasted trip) you are probably best to time your renewal so that you visit Immigration in the last 2 weeks of your initial pass.

I went through the renewal process at the Jalan Duta Centre in KL - the process may be slightly different if you are using another state office.

When attending the immigration department clothing rules may be enforced e.g. no shorts/t-shirts/slippers/short skirts. You may be turned away if you are not dressed appropriately.

For the renewal the following forms need to be completed:

1) Statutory Declaration that the marriage is still subsisting (to be signed in front of a Commissioner for Oaths) (1 copy) with 1 photo each of the applicant & Malaysian spouse affixed to it

2) Form Imm.38 (1 copy)

3) Form Imm.55 (1 copy) 

You can get the forms from Immigration

Also bring the following:
Photocopy of applicant’s Passport
Photocopy of current pass
Photocopy of Malaysian spouse’s Identification Card (both sides)
Photocopy of Marriage Certificate
Also bring the originals in case Immigration wants to see them. 

If you are requesting a renewal of the work endorsement, bring a copy of your employment contract in case it is asked for. Ensure your employment contract has the "Stamp Duty" stamp on it.

Step by Step guide: 

1) Complete all the forms. Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse should complete the Statutory Declaration and then sign it in front of a Commissioner for Oaths (we used the one downstairs at the Jalan Duta centre which costs RM4)

2) Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse go to Immigration with all of the requested documents. Go to the counter called “Nombor Gilirang” (counter 24) and obtain a number. Await your turn (we waited around an hour). When your number is called the officer will check your forms and supporting documents. We were then given a confirmation print out and asked to return after 3 working days. We found that a good time to arrive at Immigration is 11am as we avoided the morning rush and then the officers hurry to get through the other numbers before lunch. From arriving to leaving took us around 1 and a half hours. Some people report that at busy times applications have not been accepted in the afternoon, so you are best to go in the morning.

3) The applicant returns to Immigration (the Malaysian spouse doesn’t need to go) to pay the fee.  Bring your passport, the confirmation print out plus funds in cash. Funds required are RM90 per year of the pass granted, but you should check what the current charges are with the Immigration office, in case the amount has changed. Go to counter 24 to collect a ticket. Your number will be called and you will hand your confirmation form and passport to the officer. You will then wait again for your number to be called to go to the payment counter (be aware that tickets for the payment counter are not called in order). Pay the fee (cash only - there is a Bank Islam ATM on the ground floor if you need it). You will be given a receipt for the fee; wait for your number to be called again at which point you will be given your passport with the pass entered in it. Check the correct pass and period has been given. I went to Immigration around 1130 am and the entire process took around 1 and a half hours.

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  1. Great guide man! Thanks for the documents it's very helpful. I'm gonna try 11am at Duta, you make sense saying they rush for lunch break hahaha!

  2. it was a great help!! Thanks a lot

  3. Thanks for the valuable information. My husband's visa expired on 31st March 2016. Since we're not staying at Malaysia currently.,can we renew the visa at the begining of Feb which is more than one month prior to the expiry date.?

    1. I had no problem with renewing over 1 month in advance, but I suggest you check with the immigration office about your dates

  4. Hi, my husband visa will expired on may 2016. Can he go in an out to nearby country for visiting purposes. Example we are staying in johor and can we in and out to singapore as we still in first 6 month spouse social visa. Tq.

    1. I had no problem going in and out of Malaysia on my initial 1 year visa - I took 4 overseas trips in that time. Whether there is any difference for a 6 month visa I don't know; I doubt it, but would recommend that you check with the immigration office

  5. Hi, sharing my own experience renewing my wife's LTSVP at jalan duta. She was on a 6 month pass and made 2 trips to Singapore that time but no issues were raised, so I believe travelling in & out of the country is no issue.

    A few other notes:-
    a) we went a month early and were turned back, reason being they only accept applications 2 weeks from deadline due to the current number of cases. They will stamp acknowledgement on your documents
    b) they likely will NOT issue numbers after 1130am. We went at 2pm and were told no more numbers were being issued. The officer did give us a letter stating both of us were present at that time & I went alone & submitted the next morning as my wife couldn't take time off work.
    c) the default renewal is given for 1year only to those who are given 6 month initial visa.

    All in all, those planning to renew best plan their timing correctly, go within the last 2/week's & morning session, at least in Kl jalan duta

  6. Hi, my visa is expiring in March but I am currently out of country and won't be able to renew the visa till I return a week after the pass expires. Do you think this will cause for any concerns?

    1. I renewed mine before it expired so I don't know if you can renew it once it has already expired - I think the only way to know is to check with Immigration

  7. Need some clarification:
    As mentioned in the above "Ensure your employment contract has the "Stamp Duty" stamp on it".
    When I initially applied for a work permit they withheld my original Employee contract which had the stamp duty.
    So my question is - Do I need to get another employee contract with a stamp duty?

    1. As it is a renewal they may not ask for it, hopefully they still hold the original.

      Please post an update when you have found out.


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