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Guide to applying for a Long Term Social Visit Pass in Malaysia (Spouse Visa)

Step by step guide to apply for a Long Term Social Visit Pass in Malaysia 
(otherwise known as a Spouse Visa or Spouse Pass)

*** The information in this post may have been superceded. See my latest blog entries for most recent updates on applying for LTSVP/Spouse Pass***

A foreign national living in Malaysia and married to a Malaysian can apply for a long term social visit pass (LTSVP) which is a multiple entry pass for up to 5 years.

There are varying reports on how long you will be granted on initial application; the immigration officer told us that the initial pass runs for a period of one year and that the renewal pass will be for a period of five years. However it seems that some people only receive 6 months on the initial application followed by a 1 year pass upon first renewal. I don't know if the differences are based upon nationality of the applicant or other factors.

The LTSVP also allows the foreign national to work in Malaysia without having to convert their visa to a working visa. To do this first apply for the LTSVP itself then apply for a LTSVP work endorsement. 

LTSVP Application Process 

In theory the process is straightforward, but with lots of conflicting information online (including different versions of the forms on the Immigration website to those that the Immigration office hand out) it can be confusing, so I decided to write this guide to help other people going through the process!

When attending the immigration department clothing rules may be enforced e.g. no shorts/t-shirts/slippers/short skirts. You may be turned away if you are not dressed appropriately.

Step by Step guide: 

1) Go to Immigration to collect the checklist and forms. If you live in KL or Selangor, the Immigration Office is located near Publika / Solaris Dutamas on Jalan Duta at 69 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1. The building sign says "Kementerian Dalam Negeri" and there is free (but busy) parking. Opening hours are 730am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Some people report that at busy times applications have not been accepted in the afternoon, so you are best to go in the morning. Lunchtime is from 1pm to 2pm (Friday 1215pm to 245pm).  To find the office that deals with LTSVP applications enter though the main entrance, take the escalator up to Level 1 and go to the office at the rear of the building. Go to counter 24 (“Nombor Giliran”) to obtain the forms that you need to complete. 

2) Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse should complete the Statutory Declaration and the Bond Form and then sign them in front of a Commissioner for Oaths (there is one on the ground floor at the Jalan Duta centre). The amount of the bond varies depending on the country of applicant. Details of the current bond amounts can be found on the Immigration website.

3) Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse go to LHDN (a short drive from Publika at Blok 9, Kompleks Bangunan Kerajaan, Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur. We parked on the road). Find the Stamp Duty office on the ground floor and go to the counter on your right and ask for form PDS1. There are examples on their wall to show you how to fill out the form. Once completed take a ticket from the counter. When your number is called you pay RM10 stamp duty and have the Bond Form stamped. Opening hours are 745am to 345pm Monday to Friday. (They are closed for lunch. Friday lunch is 1215pm to 245pm). There is also a branch at UTC Pudu Sentral (above Puduraya bus station) which will stamp documents up until 5pm.

4) Complete all of the other forms (including Form Imm.55 which although is an extension request is also required for a first application). Gather together the remaining documents and supporting information requested on the checklist. Although the checklist only asks for 1 copy of Form Imm.12 we were asked to fill out 2 copies!

5) Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse go to Immigration with all of the requested documents. Take a ticket (from counter 24 again) and await your turn. When your number is called the officer will check your forms and ask you to wait. After about 1 hour we were called back to the desk by the officer and given a confirmation print out and asked to return after a certain date (2 weeks later in our case).

6) The applicant returns to Immigration (the Malaysian spouse doesn’t need to go) to pay the bond.  Don’t forget to bring your passport, the confirmation print out plus funds in cash. Funds required in my case were RM1,500 for the bond (UK national) plus RM90 for 1 year pass – total RM1,590. The bond amounts for other nationalities can be found on the Immigration website. *I have had feedback in the comments section below that as from 2016 the yearly charges have been increased and that there is also an additional RM510 processing fee - please check with immigration when you first visit to find out the current charges* Go to counter 24 to collect a ticket. Your number will be called and you will hand your confirmation form and passport to the officer. You will then wait again for your number to be called to go to the payment counter (be aware that tickets for the payment counter are not called in order). Pay the bond and fee (cash only - there is a Bank Islam ATM on the ground floor if you need it). You will be given a receipt for the bond and a receipt for the fee. You then have to go to the ground floor to have a photocopy taken of the bond receipt (no copy of the fee receipt is needed). Go back upstairs and once your number is called again you will hand over the photocopy of the bond receipt and be given your passport with the pass entered in it.  Check the correct pass and period has been given.

The bond is apparently refundable when you leave Malaysia for good; make sure you keep the original receipt safely. 

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  1. Some information I just got first hand. Immigration would only grant my wife (Indian) a 6 month "probationary" LTSVP for first application. They will also not allow the work endorsement on any visa shorter than 1 year. This is indeed something to consider for professional working couples like ourselves and we are looking at other options now to enable my wife to work here without too long a gap

  2. Thank you, thank your blog is very useful and informative, indeed. We are submitting our application ASAPšŸ˜ƒAnn & John

  3. Thanks for help me a lot...

  4. Is it same process if i apply for long term visit pass for my mother? im holding a Philippine passport. Hope you can assist me. Thanks

    1. Hi Wynston - this process applies to people married to a Malaysian citizen. The only other long term visit pass I am aware of is the MM2H programme, otherwise your mother would probably be restricted to a normal tourist entry which for Philippine passport holders I think is only 30 days

  5. Hi, I am a Malaysian married to a Filipino in Jan 2016. I went to the Imigration Department to apply for the LTVP, but the officer told me that I can only apply for this 6 months after my married date. Could you verify this?

    1. I successfully applied for my LTSVP less than 2 months after getting married. It doesn't make sense that immigration would expect your foreign spouse to have to keep leaving Malaysia on visa runs during that 6 month period. It might be worth speaking to a different immigration officer, in case the first one was mistaken.

    2. Hi Jonathan, thank you for your great informative blog.
      In addition to your answer, may I just want to share my experience.
      I am a Filipina married to Malaysian since 2014.
      After marriage, I was given 3months visa twice and wasnt allowed to leave the country until next 6month extension with a multiple entry visa. Now I am on a 2yr multiple entry visa expiring in Oct 2017.
      Hope this helps too.

  6. Drop by to say helps alot :) ..just submitted application for LTSVP..and some update..apart from security bond adding the processing fee of RM510 and visa fee of RM105 for 6 months..hope it helps..

    1. Thanks for the information, it is very helpful - I have now made reference to these new charges

  7. Hi Jonathan,
    Thank for your info here and it very useful and detail.
    Is the process same for foreigner who married with Malaysian but no living in Malaysia?
    Can she oversea in period apply LTSVP and after get LTSVP?

    1. Hi Aniles

      I don't know if it is possible to apply for a pass whilst outside Malaysia as both the applicant and spouse need to personally attend the immigration office

      I suggest that you speak to the Malaysian High Commission in the country you live in to see whether it is possible

      Please provide an update when you have found out!


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